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The charity support research studies which aim to improve patients’ quality of life by identifying secondary complications and causes of death after spinal cord injury, so that timely preventative measures and interventions can be put in place. Some of the research studies funded include:

  • Research project manager for next step in becoming world leading in paediatric spinal cord injury research.

  • The Ann Masson Research Fellowship to support the development of research initiatives within the National Spinal Injury Centre.

  • Aging, life expectancy and causes of death in patients with spinal cord injury studies.

  • Stoke Mandeville-Masson Research Awards, to attract interest from research institutes and centres of higher education to initiate, implement and disseminate research and support joint partnership of researchers, healthcare professionals, patients and their care givers in preparing and conducting research into spinal cord injury.
  • Validation of the international SCI musculoskeletal basic data set - data collection stage.
  • Long term survival following spinal cord injury – a 67 year study and recent trends (extension of the Mortality study RNT 111) - data collection stage.
  • Ageing with Spinal Cord Injury - 6th Follow up - data analysis and reporting stage.
  • Further development of SCI-ARMI: An index of functional potential realisation in patients with spinal cord lesions - data analysis and reporting stage.
  • Lower limb fractures in persons with chronic spinal cord injury - data analysis and reporting stage.

Thank you for taking the time to read more about the type of projects we fund. 


Every £ counts

£5 could buy equipment to give an urgent blood test to stoke patients ahead of clot busting medication.

£10 could help pay for a CD which helps cancer patients relax during treatment.

£17 could buy defibrillator training pads to help teach children how to re-start the heart after a heart attack.

£76 could buy a digital electronic muscle stimulator for children in our spinal unit.

£577 could buy a resuscitator to support a baby's breathing.