Our work

We have funded equipment and improvements to our facilities and premises to improve patient care

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Our work

We improve our patients’ care through extra funding for equipment, research, staff and patient welfare.


We provide extra equipment to enhance the care of our patients, allowing us to use the latest technology, such as neo-natal monitors, digital mobile mammography units, a pharmacy robot and pain relief equipment.

The kind of equipment we have funded includes:

  • CDs developed especially to help cancer patients relax whilst receiving treatment
  • Testing equipment for our patients with diabetes
  • Physiotherapy equipment to help patients regain their mobility
  • Digital Electronic Muscle Stimulators for children in our spinal unit
  • Infant resuscitators to support infants’ breathing

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We believe better research allows better treatment and cures. We have therefore funded projects to help our doctors better understand medical conditions and causes of death so that preventative measures and interventions can be put in place. Examples of research we have funded include:

  • Projects to aid long term survival for patients with spinal cord injury.
  • The Stoke Mandeville-Mason Research Awards, whose main purpose is to support joint partnership of researchers, healthcare professionals, patients and their caregivers in preparing and conducting research into spinal cord injury.

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We have funded improvements to our facilities and premises in order to improve patient care, for example:

  • A Patient Education Platform with advice for self management and best practice to enable spinal patients to live as healthily, actively and independently as possible.
  • Colour coded staff uniforms at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in order to help patients identify different staff teams quickly and efficiently.

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We believe that a well trained, healthy and motivated workforce is a more effective workforce which is able to deliver better care. We have therefore funded projects such as:

  • Counselling and physiotherapy programmes to support staff physical and psychological wellbeing to help them to deliver the best possible patient care.
  • Specialist cancer training for cancer nurses to deliver high quality standard of care to our patients
  • Training for staff to deliver insulin training to people with diabetes
  • Staff awards for excellent patient care
  • A ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme to recruit more high quality nurses and therefore deliver better care
  • A ‘Going the Extra Mile’ scheme which rewards staff for going the extra mile for both patients and visitors

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Every £ counts

£5 could buy equipment 
to give an urgent blood 
test to stroke patients 
ahead of clot busting 

£10 could help pay 
for a CD which helps 
cancer patients 
relax during treatment. 

£17 for defibrillator 
training pads to help 
teach children how 
to re-start the heart 
after a heart attack. 

£76 could buy a 
digital electronic 
muscle stimulator 
for children in our 
spinal unit. 

£577 could buy a 
resuscitator to 
support a baby’s