Have fun raising funds for our patients - at home, at school or at work


Fundraise for us

Organise an event in your community, get your school involved or ask your employer to get on board. We rely on your support and generosity to continue with our work.

Whatever you decide to do, please tell us about it, so we can help and give the necessary support and advice. To do this, simply complete an Event Registration form

Buckinghamshire NHS Trust Charitable Fund cannot accept responsibility for accidents at your events, so to ensure that your event is safe and legal, please follow this link for more information







Every £ counts

£5 could buy equipment to give an urgent blood test to stoke patients ahead of clot busting medication.

£10 could help pay for a CD which helps cancer patients relax during treatment.

£17 could buy defibrillator training pads to help teach children how to re-start the heart after a heart attack.

£76 could buy a digital electronic muscle stimulator for children in our spinal unit.

£577 could buy a resuscitator to support a baby's breathing.