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Cycle the Olympic route in London

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B Prudential Ride London 2020 

Prudential Ride London is a world-class cycling event taking place Sunday 16 August 2020.

There is no other closed-road event like it that combines the fun and accessible element of a free family ride in central London with the excitement of watching the world’s best professional cyclists race in the Prudential Ride London-Surrey Classic.

Taking a cue from the London Marathon, amateur cyclists can participate in a 100-mile challenge on the same closed roads as the professionals, with the added incentive of raising money for good causes. 

We have 31 places for Prudential Ride London 2020: the world’s greatest festival of cycling. If you want to be ride alongside some of the biggest names in cycling and wish to raise funds for our charity as you cycle, we would be delighted to allocate one of these places to you. Entry places are getting snapped up quickly, so please register your interest if you think you’d like to take part. Or, if you know any keen cyclists who may wish to take up the challenge and raise money for the Trust Charitable Fund please let them know about this opportunity.

Please email to indicate your interest.

Then please complete the Fundraising Event Registration Form so we can formally allocate you a place for this event.

Please note: 

  • The pledge being sought in order to allocate these places is  £500.
  • 6 riders for the Trust will be fund raising for our haematology department and 25 riders will be raising money for the Trust’s General Amenity Fund.

 NB - All entries must be completed before 5pm, Friday 22 May 2020

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Every £ counts

£5 could buy equipment to give an urgent blood test to stoke patients ahead of clot busting medication.

£10 could help pay for a CD which helps cancer patients relax during treatment.

£17 could buy defibrillator training pads to help teach children how to re-start the heart after a heart attack.

£76 could buy a digital electronic muscle stimulator for children in our spinal unit.

£577 could buy a resuscitator to support a baby's breathing.