Leadership and governance


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The Corporate Trustees and Charitable Funds Committee
are responsible for the leadership and governance of the charity.

Corporate Trustees

The Trustees are responsible for controlling the management and administration of the charity, always ensuring compliance, duty of prudence and duty of care.

To see a full list of our corporate Trust board members, click here.

Charitable Funds Committee

The Charitable Funds Committee administers the funds on behalf of the trustees and provides advice and recommendations to the board. The committee is responsible for ensuring that charitable funds are administered in accordance with donors' wishes and legislation.

The Members of the Charitable Funds Committee are:

Rajiv Jaitly (Chair), Non-Executive Director

Barry Jenkins, Director of Finance

Nicola Gilham, Non-Executive Director

Les Broude, Honorary Independent Member for Donors

Mike Mackenzie, Honorary Independent Member for Patients

Fund holders

Fund holders look for needs which can be met and prepare spending plans accordingly, ensuring that they report back to the Corporate Trustees and Charitable Funds Committee.

Trust privacy policy

We have updated our notice of fair processing to take account of the changes in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you would like to find out more, please take a look at our fair processing notice on this website.

Please click here to read our Trust notice of fair processing

Please click here to read our Charitable Fund privacy policy



Every £ counts

£5 could buy equipment to give an urgent blood test to stoke patients ahead of clot busting medication.

£10 could help pay for a CD which helps cancer patients relax during treatment.

£17 could buy defibrillator training pads to help teach children how to re-start the heart after a heart attack.

£76 could buy a digital electronic muscle stimulator for children in our spinal unit.

£577 could buy a resuscitator to support a baby's breathing.