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Child and young person temporary open door hospital service

Date: 05/07/2023 | Category:

What is the temporary open door service? It’s for children and young people who have been seen by the paediatricians and, for a set amount of time, will be seen […]

Children having a skeletal survey or CT scan

Date: 05/09/2022 | Category: Community paediatrics Paediatrics

This information leaflet will explain why a skeletal survey/scan is necessary and what it involves, but if you have any specific questions, please talk to a member of the Paediatric […]

Bruising: information about injuries, bruises, marks or bleeding in non-mobile babies and children

Date: 26/07/2022 | Category: Community paediatrics Paediatrics

Important Information for parents and carers about: Injuries, bruises, marks or bleeding in non-mobile babies and children Questions and answers about bruising/marks/bleeding in non-mobile babies & children: Q: Why is […]

Child protection: the medical assessment – a parent and child’s guide

Date: 16/09/2021 | Category: Community paediatrics Paediatrics

Read our guide below to help you understand: what a medical assessment is where it takes place who’ll see what you can expect. You can also download a PDF version […]