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Tube feeding your baby – troubleshooting points

Troubleshooting Point Number 1.

If baby having gravity feeds then the amount of feed can be measured by the syringe as it is poured in or it can be measured out into a bottle with the numbers of millilitres on the side.

If baby having pump feeds then the amount of feed will be calculated into the pump in order to ensure the correct amount is given for each feed.

Troubleshooting Point Number 2.

Milk can be given at room temperature if a ready-made formula.

If you need to warm the milk then you can check the temperature by squeezing a small amount of milk out of the bottle (via the teat) onto the inside of your wrist

to ensure it is not too hot. If milk is too hot then the bottle can be placed under the cold water tap for a few moments in order to cool it down.

Troubleshooting Point Number 3.

If pH 5.5 and above. This could happen regularly if the baby is on anti-reflux medications, due to the nature of this medication, you can discuss this further with your nurse.

If the baby is having some oral feeds, then a bottle or breastfeed can be offered and an aspirate obtained after this feed to confirm the position of the tube.

If baby is nil by mouth, then giving some mouth care could help as this stimulates gastric secretion of acid.