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Neonatal care

At Stoke Mandeville Hospital, we have neonatal services that provideā€Æintensive care, high dependency and special care to vulnerable babies, including those who need help with their breathing.

If your baby is born before 35 weeks or requires specialist care, they will be transferred to the neonatal unit which is equipped to support pre-term babies and those requiring extra monitoring. If your baby is born before 27 weeks or requires specialist treatment, they will be transferred to another hospital with a larger specialist neonatal unit. Our regional neonatal centre is the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

Should your baby need to be admitted to the neonatal unit the nurses and doctors will explain the treatment and care provided. Staff encourage parents to participate in their babyā€™s care as much as possible. If you wish to breastfeed but your baby is too poorly, facilities and support are available for you to express breast milk, which will be available for your baby when they are well enough.

You may have seen neonatal units on television so will realise there may be a lot of equipment surrounding your baby, which can be a frightening experience. All equipment will be explained to you by the doctors or nurses. If you require any information at all you should feel free to ask the staff caring for your baby, please donā€™t be afraid to ask any questions.

When your baby is ready to go home you will be invited to stay in one of our parent rooms. During thisĀ timeĀ you will care for your baby but staff will be available nearby should you need them.

More information on our neonatal intensive care unitĀ 

You can also find outĀ more information about neonatal careĀ onĀ the NHSĀ websiteĀ site