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Twins and multiple pregnancies

Date: 11/02/2023 | Category:

Monochorionic diamniotic twins, Monochorionic monoamniotic triplets or Higher order multiples How common are multiple pregnancies? Women who are pregnant with more than one baby are said to be carrying a […]

My baby seems small

Date: 03/02/2023 | Category:

What does it mean if my baby seems small? Small for gestational age refers to a baby that appears not to have reached the expected weight/growth for the number of […]

When your waters break early (pre-term pre-labour rupture of membranes)

Date: 21/12/2022 | Category:

What is pre-term pre-labour rupture of membranes? It’s when your waters break before the start of labour. This mostly happens near to the date that your baby is due. If […]

Breech presentation

Date: 24/08/2022 | Category:

What is a breech presentation? Breech presentation means that your baby is lying bottom first or feet first in the womb (uterus) instead of in the usual headfirst (cephalic) position. […]

Induction of labour (with intact membranes)

Date: 27/06/2022 | Category:

This leaflet has been written to help you and your partner understand what might happen during an induction of labour. What is induction of labour? Most women will start labour […]

Induction of labour with Cervical Balloon (Foley’s) catheter

Date: 27/06/2022 | Category:

What is balloon induction? Balloon induction is a mechanical form of induction of labour and is the only method used for outpatient induction of labour at present. This is because […]

Commercial Umbilical Cord Blood Collection

Date: 09/06/2022 | Category:

This leaflet is for parents considering commercial options for collecting Umbilical Card Blood. We wish to make it clear that Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust does not endorse the routine collection […]

Vitamin K for newborn babies

Date: 27/04/2022 | Category:

Find out more about why the Department of Health and Social Care and the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommend that all newborn babies receive Vitamin K as an […]

Feeding your baby during a hospital admission

Date: 08/03/2022 | Category:

The prospect of coming into hospital is an emotional time if you have a young baby. You may feel more anxious about your baby than yourself and have concerns about […]

Rothschild Ward welcome letter – Antenatal

Date: 22/02/2022 | Category:

Welcome to Rothschild Ward. We appreciate that being in hospital while pregnant can be an anxious time, and we are here to support you. We want your stay with us […]