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Junior 8 to 11 years

Age: 8-11

School: Year 3 – Year 6

Key Stage: 2

Your child will have hopefully settled into school life and will be healthy, confident and happy as they grow. However, you may feel that your child needs a little extra support at times, or you may just want some advice. There are some common concerns around this age such as puberty, bullying and online safety and you may find some of the website links on this page useful. 

The flu vaccination programme is available for children in year 4, as well as those in Reception, years 1, 2 and 3. Please click here to find out more about our flu vaccination programme.

In Year 6, all children are measured again as part of the National Child Measurement Programme. This link explains more about the process and how the data is used. Trained NHS staff will weigh and measure your child in their clothes at school. They'll take care to ensure that the measurements are done sensitively and in private, and your child’s results will not be shared with teachers or other children. If you want to withdraw your child from this or the online HAPI health assessment, please contact the School Nursing Service (click here), or respond to the letter sent to parents/carers prior to the school visit.

If you have not had your child’s vision tested recently, then remember this will be carried out for free by any high street optician.

Your child will probably have started losing their milk teeth and new permanent adult teeth will be emerging. Good dental health is as important as ever at this age and NHS dentistry is free for children. Visit NHS Choices to find NHS dentists in your area.

In Year 6, all children are invited to complete an online health survey (HAPI) in school during the Autumn term. Please follow this link for more details. The survey is completely confidential and no personal information is shared outside of the NHS School Nurse Team. The School Nurse will review each of the assessments, as a result the child may be invited to see on of the team after this has been discussed with a parent/carer. The School Nurse will use the combined anonymous data to develop a health profile of the school so that the right sort of support and education is available for the children. Bucks County Council will be informed of the combined data as this will help to shape services for children in the future.

More information and an opt out consent form is sent out from the school to parents and the School Nurse for your child's school will happily answer any queries. No child is forced to complete it and there will be support offered at the time of the session to help the children with any questions. The team are always discreet and will do their utmost to maintain confidentiality throughout the session.

All schools will be offered a follow-up PSHE session based on the outcomes of the assessment or a lunchtime drop-in. All children will be given an information card and some will be given leaflets, which are also available from the 'leaflets' section of this website.