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Infants 5 to 7 years

Age: 5-7

School: Reception – Year 2

Your child is just beginning their journey through education. Now that they are at school they will probably no longer see a Health Visitor and will instead be under the care of the School Nursing Service.

In their first year at school (reception year) parents are requested to complete a confidential online health assessment (HAPI) which helps the School Nursing Service support children and their famililes. The HAPI login password is available from your child's school or from your School Nursing team. Height and weight measurements are also done as part of the National Childhood Measurement Programme (NCMP). This document explains the process and what happens with the measurements. Parents can withdraw their child from this by contacting the School Nursing Service (click here), or on the Screening Programme letter sent to parents/carers from school prior to the school visit.

None of the details from the NCMP or HAPI are shared with the school, but the combined data is shared with Bucks County Council to help shape services for children in the future. All the combined details will help the School Nurse to develop a health profile for the school and offer support accordingly.

Children who are identified by parents or school as having a possible problem with hearing will be able to have a simple hearing test in school by the School Nursing Service. Children will do not pass the test will then be referred for further testing and investigation. The Thomson vision test is carried out in Reception Year, if the child is unable to complete the test then a report is sent back to parents suggesting the child is taken to a High Street Optician. Some children who are unable to see beyond a certain level will be referred to the Paediatric Ophthalmology Department where more specialist assessments can be done.

It is important to have your child registered with a dentist and you can always see a high street optician if you have concerns about your child’s sight. They will carry out sight tests for children free of charge.

Your child should be up-to-date with their childhood immunisations before starting school. You can check what immunisations they should have had with this handy vaccinations planner.