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Pregnancy to six weeks

Pregnancy to 6 weeks

Health visitors can offer information and up to date research and evidence based knowledge to support all aspects of you and your baby’s health during pregnancy and in their first few weeks.

We work in partnership with midwives and GPs, so you may meet us before you have your baby. You’ll be able to see us in a variety of settings, including your home, child health clinics and family centres.

Transition to parenthood (used to be called antenatal classes)

If you are having your first baby and live in Buckinghamshire, the midwife will invite you to attend a series of three antenatal classes during the final trimester of your pregnancy.  (From 30 weeks) The three sessions are run by midwives and health visitors, they cover preparation for labour and childbirth, pain relief options, feeding your baby and bringing your baby home. 


Antenatal visits

A health visitor will contact you between 28 - 34 weeks of your pregnancy to provide information, support for health promotion, including breast feeding. This service is to look at how the health visiting team can help you and talk through any questions you may have. 


First visit to you and your new baby

Your health visitor will make an appointment to visit you and your baby at home between 10-14 days after your baby is born.  You don’t need to do anything to arrange this as the health visitor is automatically notified about your baby’s birth.  The visit will last about an hour.  This is an opportunity for you to talk about your experiences and day to day care of your baby including feeding.  Further home visits may be offered with another member of the health visiting team if you need any extra help or support. You will be encouraged to bring your baby to a local Child Health Drop In.


Child health drop in 

Health care professionals are available to offer advice and support at the Child Health Drop In. You are encouraged to come to these to meet other parents, talk to health care professionals /listen to various topics. There are self-weigh stations available for you to use at all of these. There’s guidance in The Red Book with regards to  frequency of monitoring your baby’s weight. Please click here to find out the times and venues for these sessions.

We would advise not to attend, if your child is unwell (has a temperature or has had an episode of diarrhoea or vomiting in the previous 48 hours).  You can still call your GP, health visitor or out of hours service 111 for advice. 


Six weeks

Between six and eight weeks, you and your baby need a routine appointment with your GP. Make sure you contact your surgery well in advance to book this. Surgeries vary with their booking procedures. Your baby will have a full health review similar to the one that was carried out soon after birth; this is to ensure that any health issues that have developed since they were born are picked up early.

Before you attend, have a look at the relevant page in your baby’s red book as there is a handy checklist for you to complete before the appointment.

On this page you’ll find links to useful information and advice. Please click on the links on the right of this page for more information.

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