Children and young people's occupational therapy service
1 to 2 years

1 to 2 years

This can be a challenging time for parents, as your child starts to explore and discover their world. We care about how both you and your child are doing and we can continue to offer you advice, support and information on the phone, at a drop in clinic or at home.


Your child will be invited to attend for immunisations at the GP surgery at around 12 months.  More information can be found in your child’s Red Book. 

2 year contact

In the same way as the 1 year contact, you will be invited by letter to make an appointment with a member of The Health Visiting Team via the administration hub. Questionnaires will then be sent to you to complete and bring along to your appointment. This is a health review and is separate from an educational review.  Any concerns that you or the professional have can be identified early so that the appropriate referrals and early intervention can be offered.

Behaviour advice

We can offer help and advice with managing behaviour such as fussy eating, toilet training, sleep problems, tantrums, etc.