Children and young people's occupational therapy service


You can make a referral directly to the team covering your child’s school using the relevant referral form. To see which team covers your child’s school, please check our A-Z list.

Completed referrals can be sent to us by post or e-mail and the relevant addresses are given at the top of each form.

Both parents and professionals can use the same forms. However, please note that we only accept referrals for enuresis (bedwetting) from GPs. If you think your child may need help with bedwetting, please see your GP first.

Referrals are not necessary for:

  • Children whose care is continuing - handover procedures are in place for children moving from health visitors to school nurses or from school to school (within Buckinghamshire).
  • Routine screening and immunisations.
  • Children identified through the health assessments in reception year – they will be contacted automatically. 

Referral forms help us to ensure that we have all the information we need to provide the best care and support for children and young people who use our services. They also help us to ensure that we have the right staffing levels across our teams.

Referral forms